Adria Mach - Reifensensoren

  • Wenn ich das richtig in Erinnerung habe von einem früheren Posting, gab es damals noch keine kompatiblen Sensoren, evtl. müsste man mal Adria anschreiben.

    Reimo kannst da anscheinend vergessen, von denen hab ich noch immer keine Rückmeldung bezüglich der Gassensoren :rolleyes:

    Gruß aus dem Saarland ;)

    Willst du den Charakter eines Menschen erkennen, so gib ihm Macht.

  • Hi Aquila,

    Quick Question:

    Does the Adria Mach works "while driving"? Connected on 12 volt car?

    It seems you can order tire sensors from this site (compatible with Adria Mach!):

    Adria & E-Trailer smart system - E-Trailer adria
    E-Trailer & Adria work together to realize a camping holiday that is as safe and comfortable as possible. We do this with smart tire pressures

  • Hi BGR,

    I cannot promise! But I just disconnected my 663ht from the power socket. So, there was only the batterie available in the caravan. But I was able to connect via bluetooth to the MACH and had full control to the differnet functions (e.g. light control).

    So, I would assume, that the MACH is also working while driving. But I cannot check this use case right now.

    kind regards


  • Hello @all,

    As you can see on the picture shown by BGR, the numbers of temperature and pressure are quite small and not easy to see whilst driving.

    The same look are given by the tire pressure sensors of Reich Fahrzeugtechnik, Safetyre.

    Much better are the SuperSense TireCheck sensors, which displays the numbers much better and - as a unique selling point - can transmit the temp and pressure also when the RV or caravan is not moving, like in winter time.

    All other sensors give their information only when the wheels are turning.

    The wheels are black, when the pressure is within the limits, red when pressure is too low or too high and grey when there is no bluetooth connection.

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